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Updated: 12/1/2020

Here’s the lowdown, my friends: I collect and store your information in order to provide the products you have ordered from me. I need your email address to send you an order confirmation, your name to mail you your jewelry, and so on! If you subscribed to my newsletter, I will email on occasion to give you the heads up about sales, new collections when they drop, and my event schedule if you’d like to shop in person. To sum up, the only thing I do with your data is use it to facilitate your acquisition of cute accessories!

Want more details than that? Just click on the tabs below!

Where does your information go when you purchase something from Nine Birds?

Why, it goes to www.nine-birds.com, of course! Your name, email address, and address are stored on the website for the purpose of me sending your order to you! I save your order details indefinitely, in case you ever have a future inquiry about the pieces you purchased, the tracking information, etc. Pretty wild, I know! Would you like me to cease storing your information after your order has been fulfilled? Just shoot me an email at hello@nine-birds.com and I will delete it.

But also to Mailchimp! If you make a purchase, your name and email address are also stored with Mailchimp, which is my email newsletter service. To remove your data from their care, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email you received.

But what about my credit card info and stuff? Listen, I can barely be trusted to use my own credit cards responsibly, so I certainly want nothing to do with yours. If you make your purchase using Paypal, they will store your payment data. You can read their privacy policy by clicking here! If you paid right on the website, using a credit card, it went through a payment processor called Stripe. Click here for Stripe’s privacy policy. On my end, I do not see any of your payment details, beyond your order total and which payment processor (Paypal or Stripe) you used.


Nine Birds uses cookies to improve your experience on the website in small but delightful ways! For example, if you add an item to your cart, and then go do your nails, and then they take like 20 minutes to dry, and then you get impatient while they’re drying and start texting but you smudge them and have to re-do a couple, and by the time they’re set it’s been like 2 hours, and you finally go back to my website to buy those cute earrings… and they’re still in the cart! All this time later! That’s Cookies, just doing you a solid. If you don’t want anything to do with Cookies, you can clear them from your browser history page, and then block them on your browser entirely so they don’t come back to haunt you.

The only thing more fun than making cute jewelry is making people look at your cute jewelry! So if you sign up for my newsletter, I am going to occasionally send you an email about new collections I’m dropping (so you can see how cute they are), upcoming sales (so you can get the cute stuff at a discount), and my schedule of pop-ups and events (so you can see the cute stuff IN PERSON!)

Mailchimp automatically tracks email statistics, so I will know if you open it, don’t open it, click on a link, or unsubscribe entirely. I’m not saying I will be literally heartbroken if I see you not open the newsletter but I’m not NOT saying that. Anyway the point is, this data is tracked automatically, and I don’t even really use it or look at it, but it’s just always happening anyway.

First of all, if you decide to post a product review, you are the actual best and I love you. That has nothing to do with online privacy, I just have a lot of positive feels re: people reviewing products.

When you review a product on the site, the info you see in the comments form (your name, email address, and the review itself) are stored on the site indefinitely. Your IP address is also collected to help with spam detection. It doesn’t really help, getting rid of spam is basically impossible, but I’m doing my best over here.

If you do not want me to store any of your information anymore, that’s totally cool! I get it. Sometimes I think about how much my own personal data has been circulated around the incomprehensible, immense superstructure that is the internet and I’m like… haha, oh, yikes. I need to keep your purchase history in order to do my taxes, but if you would like me to delete all of the other information I have stored regarding you, please email me at hello@nine-birds.com and it shall be done. Please keep in mind that Paypal and Stripe store data separately from me, and you will need to take it up with them if you want them to throw your old payment details into the garbage.

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